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Ready or Not The Hanged Man Achievement Guide

I was struggling with this achievement for a while and couldn’t find any specific information on how to get it. Sharing my knowledge for those who need it.

Ready or Not The Hanged Man Achievement Guide

“The Hanged Man” Achievement requires us to complete the Hide and Seek (Port) mission in either Commander or Practice mode with only the Taser, Flashbangs and the Bash (Melee).


Firstly, just to clarify, Bashes refer to Melee hits (binded to B by default iirc) NOT Battering Rams, etc.

What I had equipped when obtaining the achievement:

  • Beanbag Shotgun
  • Revolver
  • Taser x 6
  • Flashbang x 5
  • Heavy Armor (Full) (Ceramic)
  • M320 Gas
  • Helmet Only

I italicised 3 of the above variables because we won’t be using or touching those items anyway. With information I got from my mates, they didn’t seem to affect the achievement as well.

I had the Taser equipped whenever I wasn’t switching to throw Flashbangs. When Bashing, I had the Taser out as well.

I strongly suggest you equip the AI with strong Lethal options such as the P90 as they will be doing most of the legwork.

Most importantly, you MUST hit suspects with the Taser, Flashbang and Bash (Melee) a minimum of THREE times each. So that’s 3 Taser stuns, 3 Flashbang stuns and 3 Bashes.

You DO NOT need to hit a different suspect each time. I literally just kept bashing surrendering suspects that I had already tased and got the achievement.


Do leave a positive rating if this guide helped. I know I myself spent a long time trying to find any helpful information on this achievement.

Share your experience with this in the comments!

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