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Realm Revolutions – Advanced Nomad Guide

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  1. Starting
  2. Middle Run
  3. Final Run
  4. Limits

This is an advanced nomad guide, the goal is to push the numbers as far as possible to allow you to get the “hardest” assimilations. This build still achieves a decent speed with enough assims.


Once you start fresh off an assimilation simply get one decent run of the wagon build to boost your T2 ( Wells,Workshop,Stonehenge ) I aim to get about 500k% gold bonus on T2 at least otherwise buying the butchers to get started takes too long. The run should take maybe half an hour to an hour depending how long it takes you to push enough happiness to get 500k% gold bonus.

Once that’s done, you can start your run.

For elf assimilation it’s mainly what you need with enough points you just buy both.
So for option A you have + 1 to happiness effect (2E) and + 2 to happiness effect (3E)
For option B you have + 1 reward from a monster (1E) and -50% to monster power (3E)

Remaining points go into Magical Forest (∞E)

For Druids it’s quite easy everything is “useless” so eveything into Nature Magic (∞D)

For Nomads you technicly don’t require Hunting for mammoths (9N) but it takes the build to new height and makes it not takes days to get somewhere. You absolutely need Fantastic Traders (4N) as you can not use staves in this build as butcher’s tent replaces masters which is why you use wagon over the other 2 since you already have a food source and wagon gives you huge bonuses to goods and free horses with the assim bonus.

For warlock you need Fairground firewaorks (1W) on the first run use City fireworks (∞W) to boost gold production. However for runs after you should have plenty of gold and Enchanted wagons (∞W) is heaps better.

For cyclops you want Masters of the furnace (1C) and for utility you can get Battle machines (2C) otherwise the rest goes into Four-armed chefs (∞C)


  • T1 : Wagon
  • T2 : Well ( Horses here until 55 )
  • T3 : Stable
  • T4 : Butcher’s Tent
  • T5 : Town Hall
  • T6 : Homestead ( Rush 50(1,2,3,6,12,25)) ( Remaining cows into butcher’s tent )
  • T7 : Castle
  • T8 : City Walls
  • T9 : Gold Mine
  • T10 : Throne Room ( + Discontent Decree )
  • T11 : Cyclops Forge
  • T12 : Altar of Fire
  • T13 : Sheep
  • T14 : Bridge
  • T15 : Ship
  • T16 : Blast Furnace
  • T17 : Armory
  • T18 : Irrigation

How to play the run ;

So take like 5-10mins waiting to build up to butchers and get wells stables and wagons up then pop a food good and push your numbers by then you should be able to get castle.
Buy swordsmen and just start killing stuff you’il get a small boost of gold and food from the wagon bonus, you can upg you stuff more but it doesn’t matter much. Just spend it into swordsmen again, kill as many monsters as you can within like 30 seconds in forest then instantly go to plains since your eternal goal is to kill as many war elephants as you can. Once in plains do the same, now you may notice your food went way up you can pop a few more food goods to get enough BP to kill a bunch of war elephants. From there you can just Buy → Good → Buy → Good repeat until you have as high buildings as you want you can either just take it to final run there or go for a middle run. A middle run would mean you boost T2 to have a quicker start and switch your assims around, otherwise you assimilate Miners straight up. Yes again with the miners simply the best gold unit because of the extra x2 it grants AND you get free horses on it by buying Blast Furnace.

Middle Run

There isn’t much to this run besides just running it again with a lot more gold early – mid run, you should be able to push happiness on Miners much higher. Your goal for miners is around 1T-10T Happiness, since they need to carry you to 10SpVi gold (1e85) to buy Irrigation which is stupidly overpowered. From there you should be able to buy 50+ of every buildings easilly and reach about 1OcDc Food (1e57) in no time at all( this requires a lot of active play with selling goods and buying buildings and repeating)

Final Run

The final run can be the same run as the “middle run” for this build since by the time you reach the build’s potential and buy irrigation. You already have simply enough food to just buy swordsman for 2 BP each and still clear the assimation right there.

Currently there is no way to upgrade this build except simply running it longer or having more assimilations.

Note : You should never need the Iron Mine for this build the gold bonus to allow you to buy irrigation should be enough when you get 1e57+ food you also get 2e57+ BP which is enough to clear any assimilations really…


What are those?

Seriously this build doesn’t really have limits you can buy like 70+ of every building assuming you spend enough time in the run which nets you crazy food and that’s without Iron Mine and any perserverance bonuses you can overkill assimilations by like 100 monsters.

*hint*hint*hint* why building costs got nerfed so hard.

Written by Weedheter

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