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Rebel Inc – Governors


Currently, Rebel Inc. has six governors.

  • The basic leader, Civil Servant, does not have special abilities but he also does not suffer from various fines.
  • Economist receives annual payment in advance so that you begin the game with twice the amount of money. You will have to wait 12 months for the next payment (you can see the current one in the upper right corner). Also, he has an ability to increase the reserve ratio ($1) which reduces inflation and can be applied twice during one game.
  • General gets two additional options on the Military tab and one option on the Government tab. Also, the governor can immediately finance military operations and starts the game with a free garrison (location depends on the headquarters, the bastion will be located in one of the neighboring sectors). Civil initiatives cost more but this is not that important.
  • Banker gets more funding every month. He has one additional option on the Military tab and two additional options on the Government tab. The latter can draw you $14 out of thin air but will significantly raise the level of inflation.
  • Smuggler gets extra money if he turns a blind eye to corruption. This causes a strong negative influence on the support level. When playing for this governor, you must invest points in anti-corruption operations, or the negative effect will grow rapidly.
  • The last governor, Warlord, is unlocked after you have completed all five missions at the brutal level of difficulty.
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