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Rebel Inc – How to choose the starting area

Start of the game

The game begins by choosing a map. Currently, the game has only five locations. The first one is available right from the start, while the remaining ones will gradually open after completing the missions on the normal (or brutal) level of difficulty.

For a start, try to complete the task on the casual level of difficulty. In the course of the game, you will understand how the insurgents act and which key locations should be in the center of your focus

After you have selected a map, choose the Governor and Advisors with whom you will play the mission. Each of them has certain characteristics and bonuses that will help you in battle or with the economy. The new characters become available once you complete the game on the normal or brutal level of difficulty. The most powerful governor becomes available after you have completed all locations at the maximum level of difficulty, while advisors can be used only by owners of the premium version of Rebel Inc.

Once you have chosen the governor, you get to the region map. This is your main screen through which you interact with the game world.

How to choose the starting area

  • Make sure the region is blocked from enemies at least on one side. This could be a river — the insurgents will have to pass over the bridge — or the edge of the map.
  • Mountains will also protect the region since troops are moving slowly over the rocky terrain.
  • City residents are more likely to be influenced by propaganda, so make sure there are residential sectors near you (urban zone). Also, your reputation is put under significant pressure if insurgents capture a large settlement, so such zones should be guarded very carefully.
  • Don’t forget about later stages of the game. What seems lucrative may be difficult to protect and control in the future. Besides, it will be more difficult to spread influence on the big territory
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