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Rebel Inc – How to prepare for rebellion

How to prepare for rebellion

Anyway, you will have to fight, so prepare your troops in advance if you do not want to suffer material damage to your reputation. Below, we list the main stages and your actions that are required for a smooth military start:

  1. After a few months from the start of the game, a reputation scale will appear in the right part of the screen (the default value is 80 points).
  2. After a year – year and a half, you will be able to use Military Initiatives due to high risk of insurgents’ appearance. Be sure to have $17-21 in your coffers (depending on the inflation level). This should be sufficient enough to order the training of the first unit of Coalition soldiers as well as a regular army.

Then, you have several development options: develop your own army or rely on Coalition. Each option has its pros and cons.

Each zone can have no more than one unit.

Coalition soldiers (blue)


  • The combat potential initially exceeds that of your regular army materially. Only general bonuses (like drones) can impact the efficiency of Coalition soldiers.
  • Training of foreign soldiers does not take much time (a few months).


  • The presence of foreign troops can negatively impact your reputation in the region, but this effect can be reduced with the help of the initiative Interpreters & Guides ($4) and Human Terrain System ($5).
  • A year later, you will need to make a choice: extend the soldiers’ term or withdraw them home. Note: In the latter case, you won’t be able to re-hire the unit. If you choose an extension of one or two years, you will lose reputation points.
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National soldiers (green)


  • The presence of troops may hurt your reputation in the region, but this effect is much weaker than that of Coalition soldiers.
  • The combat potential of the army can be materially enhanced with multiple improvements.
  • Creation of at least one unit of National soldiers is required to get access to garrisons which provide significant support in combat.
  • The time of the regular army service is not limited.


  • The initial efficiency of these units is rather low. The National soldiers’ unit needs support from other unit or garrison to win over insurgents.
  • The training of the regular army takes much time (one and a half years).
  • National soldiers are more expensive than Coalition soldiers.

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