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Rebel Inc – Mid-game Guide


After you have laid the foundations and started introducing your first initiatives, it’s time to think about fighting corruption and developing your army.

Go to the Government Initiatives and buy Anti-Corruption 1 ($9). This will be sufficient for the initial stage, but the further you move through the game, the more corruption affects your reputation. Try to periodically spend money on the following upgrades of these initiatives but do not increase it past the third level unless it is absolutely necessary.

Also, you need do develop Local Militia which will later transform into professional police. Study this initiative ($2) and then proceed to Local Police Recruitment ($15). These measures will increase your support in the regions and will restrain the rebels’ advance.

Note that random events will periodically occur. As a result, your reputation can increase or decrease.

International Assistance will help you out with Civilian Initiatives. You should occasionally help your sponsors by giving orders to introduce cheap initiatives (medicines, water supply).

If you don’t lack money, you can consider Development Discussions ($6). After this, you can gradually introduce initiatives that have a serious impact on your support level. Start with Land Rights ($6) and continue with the following initiatives.

You will need plenty of funds to develop Military Initiatives.

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