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Rec Room – Weapons Guide

This will explain every weapon availaable in Rec Room, including strats for using the weapons, ranking, and overall descriptions, as well as a rec royale section for all of you battle royale degenerates. (not a big fan of battle royale in general) A quick disclaimer; These are not 100% correct, as I do not know the exact damage percentages, accuracy rates, ect. I just made this for fun, and should be taken with a grain of salt. Other than that, enjoy!

Before we begin

This guide is going to be set in 3 parts: Standard Description (A general description of all weapons), Quest weapons (All quest weapons and how to use them), and Rec Royale Weapons (All weapons in rec royale and how to use them). Like I said before, I don’t know EVERYTHING, so if I miss something, be sure to leave comments on what I missed (but keep it friendly). Let us begin.

Standard Description

Here are some stats before we begin:
Damage: 1-5, 5 being strong while 1 being weak
Accuracy: 1-5, 5 being very accurate while 1 being inacurate (like a shotgun blast)
Drop: yes (meaning the bullets fall or take time to reach the target) no (Instant or nearly instant)

Splat Pistol: A standard pistol found in most modes (apart from quest).
Damage: 2 (One hit in paintball)
Accuracy: 4
Drop: Yes
Desc: This is a very basic weapon, not needing burst fire or pin-point accuracy to be usable. Its a gun. Shoot at the bad dudes, they get out. Very simple, not needing much skill to use.

Splat Shotgun: A shotgun that does mass damage up close, but isn’t great at range.
Damage: 5 (One hit in paintball)
Accuracy: 1
Drop: No
Desc: This is a very powerfull defense weapon (surprisingly), as you just need to aim in the general direction of the enemy to hit them. While this obliterates up close, it is near to useless in long range combat. Also, the rate of fire can be a hinderance as well.

Splat Sniper: A sniper rifle very good at single target elimination from a distance.
Damage: 4 (One hit in paintball)
Accuracy: 5
Drop: No
Desc: This thing is a beast if you can aim. The instintanious connection of the paintball and the target makes it a weapon to be messed with. While it is amazing at long ranges and can somewhat be good in a sudden 1v1, it requires quite the skill to use, as most people with not be able to auto-snap different targets without practice. But, learn how to use it, and you will be stomping fools like a madman.

Burst Rifle: A 3 round burst rifle effective at 1v1 combat
Damage: 3 (One hit in paintball)
Accuracy: 2
Drop: Yes
Desc: This is a very nice rifle. While it is a god’s gift in Rec Royale (See Rec Royale Weapons for more info), it can also be good at spamming areas in paintball. The only problem with this gun… is that this weapon sounds kind of dumb… but that’s just a personal nitpick.

Gernade Launcher: A gernade launcher capable of mass discruction.
Damage: 5 (One hit in paintball
Accuracy: Depends on skill
Drop: Yes
Desc: What do you expect? It’s a freaking gernade launcher! It does massave damage (It shoots mini-gernades) and can spam certian areas. Also, if you manage to grab 2 in paintball… well god help the other team.

Bow: A medevil ranged weapon that can accuratly take out assaulters.
Damage: 4
Accuracy: Depends on skill
Drop: Yes
Desc: Other than being the meta in quest, this isn’t that usefull in other modes. It also can be pretty frustrating when a bad player using this accedently hits you and knocks you out… JUST REMOVE FRIENDLY FIRE FROM QUEST! (I’m quite salty about this weapon)

Sword: A melee weapon that can take out enimies in a couple of swings.
Damage: 4
Accuracy: If you can’t hit an enemy with this, just quit now
Drop: No?..
Desc: Even though the stats don’t really apply for this weapon, this can only be found in quest (and custom rooms). It is really good when taking out baddies, but can suffer when fighting ranged dudes.

Crossbow: A ranged weapon that can accuratly take out enimies… but it is for normies.
Damage: 3
Accuracy: 5
Drop: Yes
Desc: This isn’t really a good weapon. Even though it is ranged, the bow does what this does better. This is just a crutch for people who can’t aim with the bow, unless you use the shield, in which you become a ranged attacker with protection ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

Hunter’s Crossbow: A ranged weapon the can accuratly take out enimies… but is for UBER NORMIES
Damage: 3
Accuracy: 5
Drop: Yes
Desc: This is just a crossbow, but for people who play to much laser tag. (The past 2 weapons where heavily opinion based, so don’t kill me for that D:)

Wand: A magical stick that acts like a medevil shotgun.
Damage: 5
Accuracy: 1
Drop: Yes
Desc: This is actually pretty good. It’s like a shotgun, but for quest (YES, I KNOW JUMBOTRON IS A THING). Even at range, this can be effective, but its largest flaw is its firing speed.

Laser Pistol: A cyber-ubgrade to the Splat Pistol.
Damage: 3
Accuracy: 5
Drop: No
Desc: This is a standard blaster, but with a little more mechanics behind it. For one, this needs to be reloaded regularly. Second, this has a knockback mechanic (for quest, that is).
FUN FACT: Did you know you can reload this weapon by flipping it in the air? This allows for effective duel-weilding tactics.

Laser SMG: A fully-auto pistol great at most combat situations.
Damage: 2 (Per shot)
Accuracy: 3
Drop: No
Desc: This is like the burst rifle, but add more shots and make it weaker. This weapon doesn’t requre much of the user; just aim and reload. Remember though, that this is not accurate at long ranges (There is an implamented accuracy disadvantage). That role of long-range combat would go to…

Railgun: A Scope-les sniper rifle capable of imense damage.
Damage: 4
Accuracy: 5
Drop: No
Desc: This is the long range weapon of the Jumbotron series. This can be effective at long to mid ranges, and usually takes 2 shots to kill an enemy. This can either be a beast, or a hinderance. Whatever your skill, try taking a blast with this.

Laser Shotgun: A shotgun that disperces tons of up close damage.
Damage: 6 (What!?)
Accuracy: 1
Drop: No
Desc: This is the most dangerous weapon of all. It can one shot most thing up close, and even 2 shot from a distance! It will demolish players and bots alike, so watch out!

Laser Cannon: A cyber explosive that will strike fear in people’s eyes.
Damage: 5 (One shot on direct hit)
Accuracy: 5
Drop: No (But it takes time for the projectile to reach the target)
Desc: This is like the gernade launcher, but more accurate. That said, it can feel like it does WAY more damage, and it shows it, too! It is a rare occation to see this, though, so savor each moment you have with it! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Pirate Pistol: The only holdable long range weapon in the pirate cove campain / quest.
Damage: 4
Accuracy: 5
Drop: Yes
Desc: This is a mixed bag for most. it can stun enimies, but can also hurt yourself due to the trigger delay. Try prefiring (CS:GO tactics) awhen you see enimies, so you don;t get shot while attacking.

Quest Weapons

If you want the stats, just look in the Standard Desc section.

Bow: This is the meta weapon, and paired up with a good team can win the quests it is used for. When using the bow, stand a distance from your enimies, but stay aware of any sneaky bots wanting to come from behind ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

Sword (and Shield): This is the other meta weapon for quest. When using this, don’t be afraid to get up close and personel with the sword-weilding baddies. Just make sure to stay away from ranged attackers and swing at the right times.

Crossbow / Hunter’s Crossbow: This is a bad weapon. Use literally anything else.

Wand: Use this like a shotgun. Try to get up close and attack nearby enimies, but also try to get far away enimies if you can.

Laser Pistol: This is a pretty underated weapon. If you have the chance to duel wield these bad boys, try to stun lock enimies, and use the flip-reload trick to make sure you are effective at all times (see Laser pistol in Standard Desc for more info)

Laser SMG: Other than being a starter weapon, this doesn’t have much use from that. Drop it off whenever you see something that is mroe your taste.

Railgun: Like the bow, try to keep a distance from enimies to take them out. You can duel weild them, but it can be very tricky. But also effective!

Laser Shotgun: This is probally the most effective weapon in the game. Duel weilding these can take out Jumbotron in a second, so they can have their use other than mass descruction.

Pirate Pistol: This is kind of like the Railgun. Hit your shots, and this will serve you well.

Rec Royale Weapons

This section will give a general playstyle idea of all weapons, and their usefulness.
P.S. I do not know the exact names of all teirs of weapons, so here are the teirs; 1 being best and 5 being worst / common.

1. Orange
2. Purple
3. Blue
4. Green / Uncommon
5. Grey / Common

Splat Pistol: This gun is actually crap at low teir. Even the higher teir ones are out classed by other weapons. I would not recommend picking this up, unless it is your only option.

Splat Shotgun: This can devestate people at high teirs. Even the Uncommon teir can kill people fast, shield or no shield. Just make sure you are close to your target and have enough ammo, as you will feel silly running out of ammo mid-fight.

Splat Sniper: I hear this thing is bugged, but it’s suprisingly bad either way. Don’t use this weapon.

Burst Rifle: This is the best weapon for rec royale. A high teir Burst Rifle is nothing to scoff at. And if you get a Orange teir… enjoy the free Scout’s Honor (Thats victory royale for all of you uncultured Fortnite swines)

Gernade launcher: If you can aim this, it can be very good, taking enimies out in 2 shots. Yet, it can be very rare to find, so good luck finding one.

Bow: Why would you use this!? THIS THING SUCKS IN REC ROYALE. Ammo depletes like a -insert racial joke-. Damage is no existant. WAY to hard to hit moving targets. 0/10 on Rotten Tomatoes.

Laser Pistol: This is the average orange teir find. If it isn’t orange teir, it’s crap. If it is, you may win a 1v1. Just try to hit all shots. (Also, ammo is not a problem; pistol ammo is abundunt)

Laser SMG: This can be a viable option no matter the teir. If you can aim headshots, this can take an enemy from somewhat of a distance. Just try not to get into 1v1 with this, as it lacks damage.

Railgun: This DESTROYS fools at orange and purple teirs. If you can aim, you can kill. The only problem is 1v1, as a slow fire and reload rate will be your undoing.

Laser Shotgun: This is like the Burst Rifle. If you can hit shots (which this is a shotgun, you won’t really need to aim anyways), you can kill full shield enemys in 4 shots (I think).

Laser Cannon: This can one shot people caught in the explosion. Just make sure you actually catch them offguard.

Pirate Pistol: This is more of a backup weapon. It can serve you in 1v1’s, but fails at range. Just don’t forget about the firing delay.

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