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Record of Agarest War Mariage – True Ending Guide

This is the Guide for the True Ending, short and simple. The game has a normal and a True Ending. Unlike other Agarest Games, choices wont alter affection or Story.

Gen 1.
1. Visit all 3 of Yiris’ shrines.
2. Once Lifre joins your party, try to visit the Den as often as you progress the story. (After every event)
3. The last scene in Lifre’s house is when Rain comforts Pelche.

Raise affection of all characters to Maximum(Do so by either items dropped by Monsters or using link attacks) My Advise, use Link attacks as much as possible when you play the game.

When choosing your bride, you get to make honeymoon together, you are presented multiple choices. You will also be able to directly inherit skills from Mother and Father as well as choosing the gender of your baby.

As for the 3 blocked paths leading to the trasure chests: Ingore them, you will acess them in the 2nd generation.

Progress the Story as normal until you are done with the Fools Tower, after which the 6th shrine will appear.

Note: This must be done before choosing your bride.

1. Visit the Den (Lifre’s house) and the party will notice there’s nobody inside.
2. Visit more of Yiris’ shrines as well as the previous 3 you visited in 1st gen.
3. Once you visit all 6 shrines, the 7th shrine will appear in the world map. Go there.
4. Visit Star point.
5. You’ll see a flashback
6. Visit the Verde Cave and go to area 2 to the point right before the Chest near the western entrance. This will open the 3rd area.
7. Follow the path. You’ll find Lifre there as well as a boss fight.
8. You’ll get the 7th Orb.
9. In order to obtain the Mirage Mirror to reach the Fell Sanctum you need to max out least one of the Maidens, for the True ending you need to max out everyone including Larc/Ciela
10. When you are done, go back to Phekda. Pick your bride at the Inn. If the 4th option disappears, you’ll be guaranteed to get the true ending.
11. Go to the Hero’s path,the point east of the Fell Sanctum to trigger a Cutscene and receive 2 Blessed Wind’s.
12. If you’re following the true ending, you’ll get one more boss fight after defeating the final boss

Titanias Sidequest is also required for the true ending.

-After you reach 1st generation continent, visit the very first town for a scene and take the new quest 21 in the Guild
-Visit Star point
-Go to the Guild to complete the quest
-In the 2nd area of the Gelucire Woodland, visit a certain spot near Panacea to trigger the scene
-in Benetnasch, you can get a scene with Titania at the INN.

Written by Terron

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