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Red Dead Online – A Matter of Honor Walkthrough

A Matter of Honor Walkthrough

When you draw close to the tent in the middle of the camp, you’ll encounter one last bandit. He’ll offer you a Treasure Map in exchange for his life. Choose to either kill him (and lose Honor) or let him go (and receive a bonus to Honor).

Once you have the map, set a waypoint for the treasure and follow the highlighted path.

When you arrive at the location indicated on the treasure map, click both the left and right stick (L3+R3) to activate Eagle Eye, which will highlight the chest (as well as nearby animals), making it easier to spot. Loot the chest to find an Ability Voucher and some jewelry.

Once you have redeemed the voucher and purchased your first Ability Card, follow the yellow highlighted path to meet Clay Davies.

Note: To use your Dead Eye ability, aim with a weapon equipped and click the right stick.

Once you approach Clay Davies, you can begin matchmaking for the next Story Mission, Honor Among Horse Thieves.

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