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Red Dead Online – Pistols Guide (Unlock Requirements and Price)


Pistols are small weapons. These include generic pistols and revolvers. You can unlock quite a few pistols in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online.

Cattleman Revolver
The Cattleman Revolver is available right from the start. You can buy it for $50. Pretty good offer, if you ask me!

Schofield Revolver
The Schofield Revolver unlocks at Rank 9 and can be purchased afterward for $296.

Double-Action Revolver
This legendary Revolver unlocks at Rank 17 and can be purchased afterward from any shop for a meager $195.

Volcanic Pistol
This destructive pistol is a special weapon and is available after Rank 21. Of course, you will need to spend a staggering 450 bucks to get this weapon.

Semi-Automatic Pistol
The rapid-fire pistol can be unlocked at Rank 22, just 1 rank after Volcanic Pistol. It goes for around 895$. It is a good deal, to be honest.

Mauser Pistol
The Mauser Pistol is the most expensive pistol in the game and can only be bought after Rank 34. It costs a hefty one big grand. That is right, $1,000 for a Pistol.

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