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Red Dead Redemption 2 – A Kind and Benevolent Despot Walkthrough

A Kind and Benevolent Despot

This chapter of our Red Dead Redemption 2 walkthrough contains a description of the mission A Kind a Benevolent Despot. With the help of a local woman, Gloria, Dutch and Arthur sneak into a guarded facility to save Javier.

How to get the gold medal in A Kind and Benevolent Despot?

  • Take Javier to a safe place in less than 2 minutes – As soon as you shoot your way through to Javier, stay close to Dutch and run to the river.
  • Execute 10 headshots – a classic RDR2 task. You have to hunt for headshots.

Start this mission by talking to Dutch by a waterfall. Follow him, shimmying, on a narrow path adjacent a river. You’re going to rescue Javier from the prison. Arthur gets a bit snarky with Dutch.

Dutch yells for Gloria when you get to the cave, and an old woman comes out, asking for gold. Dutch gives her an ingot, and tells Arthur it’s the last of it from the bank heist. He also says he’s suspicious of John and Abigail, in so many words.

Once you get to a gated door, help Dutch lift and open it. Push up with the left stick and rapidly tap x/a.

When you get to a ladder, Gloria demands more money and produces a knife to demonstrate she is not kidding.

Dutch responds by disarming her, grabbing her by the neck, and strangling her to death.

Arthur, alarmed, questions Dutch as they continue.

You’ll see Javier being dragged into the prison, getting beat on a bit.

After the short cutscene, follow very closely behind Dutch. Take out your knife when he instructs you to, and get ready to silently take out the guard on the right.

L2 to target the guard, then circle/b to kill him stealthily. Pick up the body and ditch it in the bushes with Dutch.

Once that’s taken care of, get back to a crouch and follow closely behind Dutch again.

When you go into a door, again, follow Dutch’s instructions. Get against the opposite side of the door Dutch hides against.

This time, you’re taking out the guy on the left with your knife while Dutch gets the other.

If you like repeaters, loot that guard to pick one up. It’s better than your basic pistol.

Get back to Dutch when you’re done, and follow him. You’re going to sabotage the sugar factory. There’s a valve to turn on the west side.

On the east side, slash a few sugar bags.

In the corner on the east side, close the shudders there.

When you’re done, Dutch will pick up a lantern and say he’s going to get things going. Leave through the door right next to you and wait.

He’ll emerge shortly. Follow him, and hide behind a well with him.

When the factory explodes, that’s when you’ll make your move.

Press x/a to get up the ledge, run straight to Javier. Dutch will open the lock and grab Javier from inside the metal cage. As soon as he does, guards will be on your ass and start shooting.

Gold Medal Requirement

  • Get 10 headshots during this fight, and dispatch the guards quickly to get Javier to safety in under 2 minutes, to get a Gold Medal for this mission.

Stop when Dutch stops, and go when Dutch goes. There are too many enemies for you to kill them all, and you have very limited ammo that you will need soon.

Keep your eye on the minimap for the yellow dot – Dutch – to know when you need to move. Stay close to him as you escape, and you should be okay.

If you run out of ammo, equip your knife as a last resort. You can also loot a body to get more ammo.

Once the three of you make it across the river, Dutch will continue retreating with Javier. But, you must stay and hold off (distract…) the guards. Stay put and shoot them from across the river, behind some rocks.

If you do die, RDR2 at least rewards you with a ton of ammo here.

Once you’ve killed the incoming guards, a cutscene will play of Arthur retreating, and then crouching by a campfire, marking the completion of the mission.

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