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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Advertising, The New American Art Walkthrough

Advertising, The New American Art

Advertising, the New American Art is one of the main missions available in the third chapter of Red Dead Redemption 2. In this mission, you have to become a bartender – of course, the mission will end with a firefight.

How to get a gold medal in Advertising, the New American Art?

  • Kill 5 Lemoyne Raiders with a headshot – The best place to complete this challenge is to do it in the saloon. Use the Deadly Eye to kill the enemies.
  • Complete with at least 90% accuracy – Be as accurate as possible. Things get a little bit more complicated at the end if the mission where you have to get headshots while you are being chased.
  • Complete the mission without using items that replenish health.

Talk to Abigail at the camp to get a new marker to the northeast. Head over there and find Hosea and John at the back of a wagon. Drive the wagon to Braithwaite Manor’s front door.

From there, head back to Rhodes and park the wagon outside the saloon. Pick up the moonshine at the back of the wagon and take it behind the bar. Follow the instructions until Lemoyne Raiders barge into the saloon.

Here, you can use Deadeye and perform multiple headshots behind the bar. When Hosea calls for help, kill any remaining foe and head upstairs.

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Use any Deadeye you have remaining to get a clean headshot of the raider threatening Hosea. Kill the remaining two men and jump on the wagon below.

Escape from the area and shoot down the opponents chasing you as quickly as possible. Use Deadeye (replenish it with snake oil) often as you will have no cover here.

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