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Red Dead Redemption 2 – An American Pastoral Scene Walkthrough

An American Pastoral Scene

An American Pastoral Scene is one of the main missions available in the second chapter of Red Dead Redemption 2. Arthur and Micah decide to steal a wagon with valuable cargo. Sadly – this is another mission where Micah’s impetuousness plays the main role.

How to get a gold medal in An American Pastoral Scene?

  • Shoot every rider guarding the wagon in the head – The best way to do that is to combine this requirement with the one below – use the Dead Eye to kill a few riders at the same time.
  • Perform 10 kills with the Dead Eye – use this ability as much as you can and kill the enemies guarding the wagon.
  • Complete the mission in less than 6 minutes – Be quick, aim accurately and capture the wagon as fast as you can.
  • Complete the mission without using items that replenish health.

This mission can be done even in Chapter 3 but it’s best to finish it as the penultimate mission, especially if you are in need of some cash. Head to Micah’s location east of Strawberry and meet him at the campfire.

Ride with him to the ridge and wait for the stagecoach to arrive. Wear your mask and give chase. You need to kill the mounted guarded protecting the wagon.

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Use Deadeye and land headshots to kill them quickly, then take out the two riders on the stagecoach.

Mount the stagecoach with Micah to receive a new rifle. Move along until you are ambushed. Pickoff each enemy, using Deadeye often to meet the medal goals.

Make sure to use cover at all times as there are too many enemies and they’ll kill you quickly. Once they’re done, meet Micah at the stagecoach, shoot the lock, and then collect your reward to complete the mission.

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