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Red Dead Redemption 2 – An Honest Mistake Walkthrough

An Honest Mistake

The following section of our Red Dead Redemption 2 guide describes An Honest Mistake mission. Together with a few gang companions you will set off on a cart attack – unfortunately, the action will end in a half success and you are forced to fight with a large number of enemies. This is an interesting and very atmospheric mission in RDR2.

How to get a gold medal in An Honest Mistake mission?

  • Save the crushed Uncle – When Uncle is attacked by the enemy in the forest, help him by e.g. shooting his tormentor.
  • Kill enemies with 20 headshots – There are lots of enemies in this mission – try to aim at their heads every time you shoot someone.
  • Finish the mission with 80% accuracy – It’s quite a difficult task given the number of enemies and the large number of shots.
  • Complete the mission without using complementary health items.

Talk to Molly at the camp to start this mission. Mount your horse and follow Uncle to the crossroads. Equip your bandana, and then approach the wagon when it arrives and searches the crate at the back.

An escape sequence will begin. You will need to gallop at full speed. A large number of riders will catch up with you.

Use Deadeye to take as many headshots as possible. Be careful because the terrain up ahead is tricky, so you cannot just have your head turned the entire time.

Eventually, the numbers of the pursuers will dwindle. After the cutscene, a major shootout will take place at the barn. Use cover and pick your targets carefully.

Don’t rush, as there is no time requirement for the medal. Make sure you take accurate shots.

Once your party leaves the barn, follow Uncle in the woods. Take cover with him behind a rock, wait until two guards walk past your position, and then take them down stealthily. Help Uncle in taking down his opponent.

Help Charles and Bill by taking cover behind the trees and eliminating all the enemies as they come out of cover. The mission will end when every enemy is dead.

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