Red Dead Redemption 2 – Appleseed Timber Walkthrough

Red Dead Redemption 2 Mission Walkthrough

Appleseed Timber

This location refers to a fragment of the forest where the felling of trees is carried out. Lumberjack camp is located north-east of the town of Strawberry, next to Monto’s Rest.

  • During your first visit to the lumberjack camp, you can talk to the foreman who will be interested in buying supplies from Arthur. You can sell your food and medications at better prices than those offered by town vendors.
  • During one of your next visits to the logging site, you will witness an accident involving a tree falling on one of the lumberjacks. You can help free the lumberjack and earn positive honor points at the same time. The injured person will thank you for your help and will also reward Arthur with a few dollars.
  • The next visit to the lumberjack camp should lead to a cut-scene of a quarrel between the foreman and his subordinates. It turns out that they are afraid of wolves roaming the area. You can offer help in getting rid of the wolves, which Arthur can easily track down by using the Eagle Eye (finding and tracking animals). The wolves will attack Arthur after he finds the corpses of mauled lumberjacks. Kill them and report back to the foreman. Logging will be completed in the sixth chapter of the game.

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  1. The Appleseed Timber foreman only pays me $8 for killing the wolves and I’ve reloaded more than several times and it’s still only $8 each time I try, not $50. Is this a bug or am I doing the quest too early? I’m still in chapter 2.

  2. I have tried three times to return with more supplies, often depleting my cash reserves to do so, but always with the same result of “no thanks, timber cut, can’t help you”. It seems to me that the only option for profit here is to arrive fully stocked and sell your goods. I have returned with in few hours or a few days. Always the same result: No second chance to sell goods. Is this a spoiler or hack?

  3. I’ve been playing witcher 3 too much so I brought the Wolf carcass to the foreman and he mentioned saying that me bringing the trophy meant I’ve killed them all and got $50.

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