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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Banking, the Old American Art Walkthrough

Banking, the Old American Art

This section of the Red Dead Redemption 2 guide contains a walkthrough of the Banking, the Old American Art mission. The gang is getting ready for the last jump in order to get money to escape and retire abroad. Unfortunately, matters quickly take on an extremely dramatic course…

Attention: Before starting the mission, it is worthwhile to carry out the following side missions: Brothers and Sisters, One and All and Fatherhood and Other Dreams – once chapter 4 has been completed, you will not be able to complete these missions!

How to win a gold medal in Banking, the Old American Art?

  • Open the safe without making any mistakes – in the above description you will find, among other things, the right combination for the safe.
  • Complete the mission using only small arms – It’s quite a difficult task given the number of enemies. Use the revolver.
  • You need 25 accurate headshots – though there are many enemies to kill, it will be difficult for you to get as many as 25. Don’t rush and try to kill as many enemies as possible.
  • Complete the mission without regenerating health.
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Get Ready to Rob the Bank

  1. Follow the convoy towards Saint Denis.
  2. Let Charles and Bill go ahead of the convoy in the carriages.
  3. Ride into town, and hitch your Horse next to Dutch’s and the gang.
  4. As soon as the explosion goes off, head to the bank with the gang.

3-4. Wait For Hosea’s Signal

Before robbing the bank, wait for Hosea to give the signal: an explosion. This will draw attention away from the bank so you can move into it, and start robbing.

Rob the Bank

  1. Make the senior bank manager open the vault.
  2. Go inside the vault and loot the safes.
  3. Open the big safe at the end of the room.
  4. Loot the safe and get out of the vault.

3. The Combination is 19-72-54

The combination for the safe at the end of the vault is 19-72-54. This will unlock the safe so you can loot all of the money and valuables inside.

Avenge Hosea’s Death & Escape The Bank

  1. Kill Milton’s men outside the bank.
  2. Get to Dutch in the middle of the bank.
  3. Take the dynamite and attach to the right wall of the bank.
  4. Find cover, and shoot the dynamite on the wall.
  5. Go through the hole in the wall and climb up to the roof of the building next to the bank.
  6. Kill the enemy with the gatling gun.
  7. Shoot down Lenny’s killers on the roof.
  8. Keep moving through the roofs.
  9. Keep hidden from the law while following Dutch.
  10. Go through the window that Dutch finds.
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6. Use A Long Range Weapon For The Gatling Gun

As the gunner’s position is far away from you, you will need to take him out using a long range weapon. A Rifle will do just the trick. You can also use Dead Eye to help you aim precisely at long range targets.

Escape The Area Using A Boat

  1. Follow Dutch and the gang to the train.
  2. Follow Dutch through the train.
  3. Pass through to another car.
  4. Hide behind a seat as the guard investigates the cart.
  5. Lure the guards out of their posts towards the water.
  6. Regroup with Dutch and the gang as soon as the guards are lured away.
  7. Move towards the boat as soon as Charles is chased by the lawmen.

5. Lure the Guards By Whistling

Whistling will create a noise that can distract the guards. This will lead them away from Dutch and the gang towards you. Circle around the boxes to regroup with Dutch and the gang.

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