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Red Dead Redemption 2: Best In The West Trophy Guide

Best In The West Trophy Guide

You can find the requirements for 100% completion under the progress menu on the pause screen. Getting 100% completion doesn’t quite mean “100%” and for example while there are 59 weapons in the game you will only need to find 48 of them to get 100% completion. A full list of what you need is shown below.

Mission and Events:

  • Missions (all 107 story missions, including several missable ones, must be completed)
  • Strangers (10 stranger mission strands, from Part I to whatever the final Part is, must be completed)
  • Bounties (5 bounty missions must be completed)
  • Chance Encounters (25 chance encounters must be found)
  • Bushwacked (1 gang ambush must be survived)
  • Gang Hideouts (6/6 gang hideouts must be discovered and cleared out)


  • Points of Interest (need to find only one)
  • Hidden post game collectable (spoilers involved but you need to find all 9 of them)
  • Cigarette Card Sets (only one set is needed, not all 144 cards. One set of 12 cards must be completed and mailed in.)
  • Dinosaur Bones (all 30 must be found and the A Test of Faith stranger mission must be completed)
  • Legendary Fish (all 13 must be found and the A Fisher of Fish stranger mission must be completed)
  • Exotics (all 5 exotic requests must be completed and the Duchesses and Other Animals stranger mission must be completed)
  • Rock Carvings (all 10 rock carvings must found and the Geology For Beginners stranger mission must be completed)
  • Hunting Requests (all 5 requests must be fulfilled and the A Better World, A New Friend stranger mission must be completed)
  • Treasure Hunter (one of the treasure hunt strands must be completed)
  • Dreamcatchers (20/20 of the dreamcatchers must be found)


  • Animals (50 unique animals species must be added to the compendium through hunting or studying)
  • Equipment (10 pieces of equipment must be obtained)
  • Fish (10 species of fish must be caught)
  • Gangs (All 6 gangs must be found)
  • Horses (10 breeds of horses need to either be studied or ridden)
  • Plants (20 species of plants must be collected)
  • Weapons (48 different types of weapons must be picked up or handled)


  • Reach maximum Health, Stamina, and Dead Eye
  • Horse bonding (must reach Level 4 horse bonding with at least one horse)
  • Challenges (9/9 challenge strands must be finished)


  • Shacks (5 shacks must be found)
  • Legendary Animals (5 legendary animals must be hunted and killed)
  • Table Games (4/4 table games must be played at least once)
  • Ranters, Ravers, and Campaigners (5 of these special characters must be interacted with)
  • Bath (take one bath at any hotel)
  • Show (watch any one show)
  • Theater (visit the theater in Saint Denis at least once)
  • Recipes (craft one recipe from each of the following types: cooking, tonic, ammunition, hunting, horse care, and weapon)
  • Robberies (one of each of the four robbery types must be completed, which includes coach, home, shop, and train robberies)

So, even though this is considered 100% (and certainly is a lot), it isn’t quite 100% because most of these things have much more you can do in that category.

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