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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Black Belle Walkthrough

Black Belle

Black Belle is in Canebreak Manor located west from Saint Denis. Get closer to the manor to speak with the woman.

Help Black Belle in eliminating the bounty hunters who will arrive near the manor. Attack those who are the closest and don’t waste too much time – new enemies will keep coming.

Some bounty hunters will try to use a Gatling gun. Kill them before they reach the wagon with the Gatling gun or right after they start shooting. You can use your carbine and aim at heads without leaving your cover.

Speak with Black Belle once every bounty hunter is dead. The woman agrees to take a picture. Take out the camera from your inventory – this item is in the same slot as binoculars.

Don’t forget to search corpses of every bounty hunter. You should also check the empty building. Inside, you can find, i.e. a Cigarette card. (in one of the drawers.)

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