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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Bountiful Trophy Guide

Bountiful Trophy Guide

Trophy/Achievement type: Bronze

How to unlock: Survive 3 days with a wanted letter issued after you in all states for the amount of $250.

Commentary: Wait with this trophy/achievement until you reach the epilogue. Besides the four main regions (Ambarino, Lemoyne, New Hanover, and West Elizabeth), you also need to get a bounty in New Austin.

In every state, you have to kill innocents and do other activities that will raise the bounty to $250. In each of these states you have to kill innocent people and perform other actions in order to get a bounty for Arthur that is going to be at least 250 dollars. You can check the current level of the bounty on the map of the world or by pressing the down button on the gamepad’s cross.

Once you have met the requirements for bounty letters, you fortunately don’t have to actively avoid lawmen for 3 full days. You can use your bed (in the gang hideout, in a hotel or in a “mobile” camp) to speed up the passage of time (you have to wait for Arthur to “agree” to go to rest again).

Note – Before you start trying to get this trophy, save the game manually. Thanks to that you won’t have to get rid of a gigantic bounty for your head.

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