Red Dead Redemption 2 – Bring Meredith Home Walkthrough

Red Dead Redemption 2 Mission Walkthrough

Bring Meredith Home

  1. After the cutscene in the cave, you’ll be on your horse with Meredith sitting behind you.
  2. Follow the path and your mini-map to get to Annesburg.
  3. Once you’ve reached Annesburg, a cutscene will trigger with Meredith & her mother.
  4. Meredith’s mother will offer you a choice:
    CHOICE A: Accept Reward Money
    CHOICE B: Don’t Accept Reward Money
  5. Once the cutscene finishes, the chapter will end.

2. Be Careful When Steering Your Horse

The path to Annesburg has some slippery slopes and ledges. Using shortcuts can be dangerous as you might actually slip & fall, killing your horse. It’s best to follow the path made via waypoint on your map instead.

4. Choose Between Money Or No Reward

Meredith’s mother will offer you money as a reward for bringing Meredith back. You can choose to accept it and receive more funds or not to accept it and get more honor. This does not influence the story.

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