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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Central Union Railroad Walkthrough

Central Union Railroad

This location is a railroad construction site. You should find the camp site west of Van Horn Trading Post and east of Emerald Ranch in New Hanover.

  • The foreman will tell you that he suspects one of his subordinates is stealing money. You have to follow the designated character and remember not to get too close to him. Let the younger foreman reach the hiding place in a large tree and only then approach him. You can let the man go or catch him and tie him up. Take the stolen money out of the tree. Return to the foreman (alone or with the thief) and return the stolen 100 dollars. (if you don’t want to help railway workers any further, you can, of course, keep the money for yourself)
  • During one of your next visits to the camp (it will be located a little north of the original location) you will learn about the problems with Cornwall, who bought one of the surrounding pieces of land. Reach the place where his people are staying. You must kill their leader in a revolver duel, the other two bandits will give up. Search the body of the shot person and get a property deed with which you can return to the foreman.
  • For the remainder of the game, the camp will move north-west. This time Arthur does not have to carry out any missions, but he can get valuable supplies from the foreman. The construction of the track will finally end when the first part of the game epilogue begins.

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