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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Clear Out Murfree Brood Cave Walkthrough

Clear Out Murfree Brood Cave

  1. Charles will again prompt you to decide what to do within the cave
    CHOICE A: Sneak
    CHOICE B: Use Dynamite
  2. CHOICE A: After making your decision, get closer to the Murfree Brood Cave.
  3. CHOICE A: Go inside and take down any Murfree Brood that you spot inside the cave.
  4. CHOICE A: After dealing with them, locate the girl locked in the cage.
  5. CHOICE A: Open the cage to free the girl and trigger the cutscene.

*In this walkthrough, Choice A was chosen in No. 1.

1. Choose Between Using Dynamite Or Sneaking

When scouting the cave, Charles will prompt you to decide what to do, either use dynamite or sneak into the cave. This is up to the player’s preference.

2. CHOICE A: Use Your Bow For Stealth Kills

There are many enemies in this cave and a single gunshot can alert all of them. Use your bows to make silent shots & stealth kills so you can take the Murfree Brood down one by one.

2. CHOICE A: Funnel Enemies By Going Back To Cave Entrance

If you find yourself outnumbered by the Murfree Brood, head back to the cave entrance and wait for them to come up one by one. It’s easier & faster to kill them this way.

1~4. Keep Charles Alive

You need to make sure that Charles stays alive when you’re shooting it out with the Murfree Brood. You’ll automatically fail this mission if Charles dies.

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