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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Confront the Braithwaites Walkthrough

Confront the Braithwaites

  1. Ride with Dutch to the Braithwaite Manor.
  2. Confront the Braithwaites, eliminate all enemies outdoor.
  3. Enter the manor, search for Jack and Baithwaite upstairs.
  4. Fend off the reinforcements from terrasse.
  5. Bust the door open and kill the Braithwaite brothers.
  6. Leave the burning mansion.

2 & 3. Reposition Often, Be Wary of Enemies Appearing from Corner

You will be shot from multiple angles while fighting off the Braithwaites. Remember to reposition often, be prepared for enemies to jump out from the corner.

3. Use Long Range Weapons to Snipe Reinforcements

It is recommended you use your repeaters or rifles to take out the arriving reinforcements. Use

4. Mission Will Fail if John Dies

Finish off the enemies quickly and keep John alive during the shootout. There is a chance he may get shot and be killed, and thus failing the mission

5. Use Dead Eye to the Head to Eliminate Gareth and Gerald Braithwaite

You will catch the Braithwaite brothers off guard upon busting the door open. Mark them for headshots and eliminate them before they react.

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