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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Core depletion and their usage

Core depletion and their usage

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Energy bars are the first thing that gets depleted during an action:

  • The health bar depletes when Arthur receives damage.
  • The stamina bar depletes when Arthur is performing various actions (i.e. running, swimming or climbing).
  • The Dead Eye bar depletes when you use this mode (it slows the time down).

The only purpose of a Core is that they can serve you as a spare bar. For example, Arthur doesn’t have to die when the health bar gets depleted. When that happens, the game will start treating the Health Core as a new source of health points. Arthur dies when his Health Core is empty. The same goes for stamina and the Dead Eye Cores.

Another important feature of the Cores is the rate of regenerating bars. For example, a full Stamina Core has the fastest rate of regenerating the stamina bar. A depleted Core won’t regenerate the corresponding bar at all.

Remember that the Cores deplete over time, even when they aren’t in use. Also, Cores can get depleted when:

  • The hero’s weight isn’t optimal – when he is obese or too skinny.
  • The hero isn’t wearing an outfit suitable for the current weather (use winter and summer clothes accordingly to a region).
  • The hero has received a negative status effect, i.e. has been poisoned by a snake.
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Additional note – Cores don’t deplete when you are in the gang hideout. Also, they deplete slower when you are riding on your horse.

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