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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Deal With The Del Lobo Gang Walkthrough

Deal With The Del Lobo Gang

  1. Once the cutscene is finished, you’ll regain control in the sheriff’s office.
  2. Fight back against the Del Lobo gang members attacking you.
  3. Once you’ve run them off of Rhodes, another cutscene will begin.
  4. When you’re done with the cutscene, mount up and ride with Sadie to Dewberry Creek.
  5. Follow Sadie until you reach Dewberry Creek.
  6. Head to the old water mill to find a good vantage point.
  7. Cover Sadie with your scoped rifle as she makes her way through the camp.
  8. Once you’ve cleared the way, head down to Sadie’s location.
  9. Eliminate all enemies that are attacking you as you make your way to Cortez.
  10. Once you’ve reached the lake, shoot Cortez’s boat to make him turn around.
  11. Another cutscene will begin and you’ll face more of Cortez’s men.
  12. Get rid of the backup then pick Cortez up and stow him on your horse.
  13. Ride with Sadie back to Rhodes to trigger the cutscene that will end the mission.

7. Deal Headshots With Your Scoped Rifle

It’s best to aim for the head of your enemies when using your scoped rifle. It gives you a more zoomed in view so it’s also easier to make these shots.

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9. Use Dead Eye To Deal With Enemies At Night

This part of the mission will take place at night so it will be challenging to aim & shoot. Using Dead Eye will highlight enemy bodies & fatal regions, making it easier to shoot.

10. Just Shoot Cortez’s Boat

When Cortez is out on the water, just shoot his boat with your gun to threaten him and make him turn back. Be careful not to kill him.

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