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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Defend The Fort Walkthrough

Defend The Fort

  1. After the cutscene, you’ll see Fussar has sent a naval ship to attack your location.
  2. Men will start coming up from the beach so eliminate them.
  3. Hercule will prompt you to help him push the cannon.
  4. Once the cannon is in position, head down the beach to clear it of Fussar’s men coming up.
  5. Keep picking off Fussar’s men until you can move down towards the bridge area.
  6. Instruct Hercule and Dutch to cover whichever side of the bridge.
  7. Shoot down the boats and the men who get down from them.
  8. After killing all the men on the boats and beach, follow Hercule up the fort to the cannon.
  9. Once you reach the cannon, use it and shoot at the naval ship.
  10. Once sunk, the quest will end and you’ll proceed to “Paradise Mercifully Departed”.

6. Instruct Hercule & Dutch To Cover 1 Bridge Side

You can choose either Hercule or Dutch to cover any side of the bridge. It’s best to instruct them to cover one side each (either right or left) so you can shift between sides & support them if one side has more boats.

9. Need 6 Shots To Sink The Ship

You only need 6 cannon shots to sink the naval ship that Fussar sent to attack you.

9. Aim At The Ship’s Top Line

In order not to miss a cannon shot, you need to aim the cannon’s reticle at the hairline just above the ship.

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