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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Eastward Bound Walkthrough

Eastward Bound Walkthrough

Eastward Bound is the title of the mission ending the first chapter of the main storyline in Red Dead Redemption 2. It’s a very simple task, in which you have to make a longer journey by cart to the camp near Horseshoe Overlook.

How to get golden medal in Eastward Bound?

  • Pick up Javier when entering Horseshoe Overlook – The place where you find him is shown in the picture above. This is the final part of the mission.
  • Complete the mission in less than 6 minutes – For this challenge, always try to travel at the maximum possible speed. Don’t waste too much time changing the wheel and stopping next to Javier.

Go to Horseshoe Overlook

  • Follow the Caravan.
  • Cross the Stream.
  • Pick up the wheel and roll it to the carriage.
  • Pick the wheel up and bash it back in.
  • Get back on the wagon.
  • Make your way to Horseshoe Outlook.
  • Choice: Pick up Javier or let him be.
  • Continue your way to Horseshoe Outlook.

Actions are Limited in this Mission

For this mission, you will be restricted to your carriage as you move along to your new hideout in Horseshoe Overlook. You won’t be able to get off from the carriage until you get to the location.

Pick Up Javier On The Way

You can let Javier jump on the carriage just as you’re entering Horseshoe Overlook. Let your friend hitch a ride and you’ll complete a challenge for this mission.

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