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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Ellie Anne Swan Walkthrough

Ellie Anne Swan

This page contains a description of the Bounty Hunting mission in which you need to catch Ellie Anne Swan. Find and bring the woman alive to the jail in Valentine. Our description contains information on where to find Ellie Anne Swan and how to catch the “black widow” without killing her.

You can collect this Bounty Hunting contract by visiting the jail in Valentine. Check the poster on one of the walls inside the building. Sheriff Malloy will give you extra information regarding this contract. You need to reach area near Cumberland Falls located west from the town.

The picture above shows Ellie Anne Swans’ hideout – she is inside a small cave right next to the river and the fall.

Don’t attack your bounty by surprise – the man who accompanies Ellie will shoot at you. The more probable scenario is that Ellie will kill her lover. The woman will also charge at Arthur with a knife in her hand. Remember, you need to capture her alive so don’t use any firearms. The best way is to quickly use your lasso and tie the woman before she gets closer to Arthur. It is also possible that the woman will start running. Chase her either on foot or on your horse and catch her with your lasso.

Hogtie the woman and place her on the horse. Go back to the jail in Valentine and carry her into the cell. The reward for catching Ellie Anne Swan is $25.

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