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Red Dead Redemption 2: Extreme Personality Trophy Guide

Extreme Personality Trophy Guide

Extreme Personality – Reach maximum or minimum Honor level.
1. This is actually fairly easy as long as you know what you’re doing. You cannot hit maximum or minimum honor level until after you complete Paradise Mercifully Departed in Chapter 5, so do not try before then. You can, of course, work to keep your honor high before that (and probably should, if you want to do all the optional honor missions).

This means no random killing, no hurting animals except for hunting, just no bad behavior. And say hi to as many people as you can walking through town. It sounds silly, but it really is the quickest way to boost your honor level.

2. If you are going for high honor, I actually recommend waiting until Chapter 6 because it is easiest there. Not only do you have a bonus 1.5 times multiplier to all honor related actions, but there are a couple of optional missions that can provide huge honor boosts. Complete Money Lending and Other Sins – VI and Money Lending and Other Sins – VII and forgive both targets of their debt while giving additional money to your final target. After you finish the last part of this mission, you will get a huge honor boost that will put you over the top if you are anywhere close.

If you miss out on these missions or you still don’t max out your honor level, go to Saint Denis and say hi to people. There are a ton of people in this city, many in close proximity, and you’ll be able to boost your honor quickly by just saying hi.

3. If you are going for low honor, well, then just go and have fun. It is very easy to lose honor in this game. Shoot random men and women, kill lawmen when you see them, rob for registers, perform a train robbery, or kill someone’s dog.

You lose a lot of honor for unjustified killing in this game, so you can really go to low honor fairly quickly if you just kill as many people in town as possible. I recommend some place like Rhodes that is near the border of a state so you can ride out of town quickly and pay off any bounty you incurred.

If you don’t feel like risking a bounty, you can just antagonize people or hurt animals (especially domesticated animals) when people aren’t around but this way is a bit slower. If you haven’t hit your minimum honor yet, it is very easy to do so when you’re racking up the $250 bounty in each state for the Bountiful trophy.

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