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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Fight Against The Pinkertons Walkthrough

Fight Against The Pinkertons

  1. After reuniting with the gang, the Pinkertons will attack you in the middle of the night.
  2. Follow Sadie to get out of the house that’s on fire.
  3. Continue to follow Sadie through a trap door and into another house.
  4. Follow Sadie again through the house & take cover by the door to trigger the cutscene.
  5. Eliminate all the Pinkertons flanking the front of the house.
  6. Push forward from the house, shooting the Pinkertons, until you are prompted to follow Bill and Sadie.
  7. More Pinkertons will show up and you need to get rid of them.
  8. Keep shooting at the Pinkertons until you are prompted to go to the Maxim Gun.
  9. Use the Gatling Gun to shoot down of all the Pinkertons.
  10. After you’ve eliminated all of them, the quest will end.

5. Use Dead Eye To Kill Pinkertons

At this point, your Dead Eye will upgrade and will start to highlight fatal regions on an enemy’s body. Utilize this skill to deal fatal shots and eliminate enemies in one shot.

5. Eliminate Man On Gatling Gun First

Prioritize shooting and killing the Pinkerton manning the gatling gun first as he can do big and fast damage on you if left alone.

7. Use Trees & Debris As Cover

When dealing with the sheer number of enemies in this quest, make sure to take cover. There are a lot of trees, boxes, and overall debris that you can use as cover when firing at enemies.

9. Shoot At Lanterns To Take Out Several Enemies At Once

There are several lanterns spread across the area. Aim your gatling gun at them and shoot to cause explosions that can take out several enemies at once.

9. Lead Shots To Hit Enemies

Moving the gatling gun’s aim can be pretty slow. Lead your shots and predict enemy movement so that their path and your bullets meet.

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