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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Fight Your Way Out Of Strawberry Walkthrough

Fight Your Way Out Of Strawberry

  • Fight the lawmen surrounding the area after you free Micah from his cell.
  • Follow Micah’s path through the town.
  • Kill all enemies past the bridge to clear a path for Micah.
  • Wait for Micah as he enters the house.
  • Fight your way through the law to your horses.
  • Ride out of Strawberry.
  • Kill the pursuing Lawmen.

Equip Your Bandana To Conceal Your Identity

Equipping your bandana will conceal your identity! This will prevent lawmen from identifying you so no bounties are put on your head.

Use Dead Eye For Hard Targets

It would be easier to take out lawmen on their Horses if you use your Dead Eye. It slows down time to let you aim and hit more targets easily!

Utilize Cover To Keep Safe

Using cover will shield you from the number of bullets flying around the town! Stay in cover and only come out to shoot in order for you to minimize the damage you take!

Never Stay In One Place

Be on the move! Push forward towards your objective when it’s safe to be able to get to the objectives. Remember to relocate to a new location with cover!

Make sure Micah Stays Alive

You will fail this mission if Micah Bell dies. Make it a habit to keep an eye on him during gunfights, and help him out if he is being pinned down by Lawmen.

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