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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Find John Marston Walkthrough

Find John Marston Walkthrough

  • Follow the tracks with Javier.
  • Move across the terrain.
  • Keep moving until you find John’s dead horse.
  • Ride up the mountain then go on foot.
  • Take your Shotgun from your Horse’s inventory.
  • Follow Javier down the side of the mountain.
  • Crouch to get across the low ceiling.
  • Jump up ledges.
  • If you have low stamina, Javier will give you something to fill it up.
  • Continue trekking forward.
  • Get to John.

Talk to Javier as You Move Along

There are dialogue options available with Javier as you trek across. Talk to him to get more information about the story.

Javier will give an Item to Boost Stamina

If you have low stamina as you’re moving along, Javier will give you an item to boost your stamina in a cut scene. Entering the small passageway with enough stamina will have you just continue on.

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