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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Find & Save Jules Walkthrough

Find & Save Jules

  • Split up and look for Jules.
  • Carefully make your way to the Southeast part of the Swamp.
  • Find Jules on top of a tree in the highlighted area of your map.
  • Free the skiff from dead branches in the swamp.
  • Get into the skiff and head for the dock.
  • Save Jules from the Bullgator by getting off the skiff, and carrying him back to the boat.
  • Fend off the Bullgator by shooting at it before it gets to the skiff.
  • Stop the bleeding from Jules’ leg.
  • Fend off the Bullgator before reaching the dock.

Use Dead Eye to Fend off the Bullgator

It will be hard to see the Bullgator coming for the skiff. Using Dead Eye will help highlight it in the water for you. This will make it a lot easier to get in a few good shots to fend it off!

Keep An Eye On Your Stamina

Carrying Jules back to the boat while sprinting may drain lots of your stamina quickly. Make sure to keep an eye on it, or else you will run out before making it back to the skiff!

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