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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Find The Gang Walkthrough

Find The Gang

  1. After landing from the boat, head towards Shady Belle to search for the gang.
  2. Go through the rooms on the 1st floor & 2nd floor of the house to search for clues.
  3. The Pinkertons will arrive when you finish investigating.
  4. Deal with the Pinkertons in Shady Belle – either sneak past them or eliminate them.
  5. Get on the horse and make your way to Lakay to end the quest.

2. The Clue Is A Letter On The First Floor

The clue you need to find the gang’s location is in the letter from “Caroline” to “Uncle Tacitus”. It’s located on the first floor on top of a table in one of the rooms on the first floor.

4. You Can Kill Or Sneak Past The Pinkertons

It’s up to you to decide whether to sneak past the Pinkertons or kill them. Sneaking past them without being detected will allow you to complete the mission challenge.

4. Eliminate Choice Enemies When Sneaking Past

Using “Stealth Kills” will allow you to get rid of any Pinkerton that’s in your way of getting outside. Make a few choice kills and move quickly but silently away.

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