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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Finding Cleet in Strawberry Walkthrough

Finding Cleet in Strawberry

  1. Head inside your home in Beecher’s Hope & into the living room to begin this mission.
  2. Once you’ve regained control, ride with Sadie & Charles to Strawberry.
  3. When you reach Strawberry, dismount & pitch your horse by the bridge.
  4. Cross the bridge to look for Cleet – you’ll see him coming out of the post office.
  5. Chase after him, through the sides of buildings, until Sadie knocks him over.
  6. Beat Cleet up to get him to talk.
  7. With Cleet refusing to talk, drag him to where the gallows are.
  8. Force Cleet up the stairs and hang the noose around his head.
  9. Pull the lever to threaten Cleet to talk about Micah’s whereabouts.
  10. Once he talks, you can choose to hang him or set him free.

5. Keep Pressing the Run Button to Keep Up With Cleet

Keep pressing on your “Run” button so you can keep your sights on Cleet & not lose him when he starts running through the sides of buildings.

5. Don’t Alert The Law

During your chase with Cleet, be careful to keep your eyes trained on him and not to alert anybody else. Alerting the law will cause the mission to fail.

10. Choose To Hang Cleet or Spare Him

It’s your choice on whether to spare Cleet’s life or hang him. Whichever your decision, it won’t affect the outcome of the story.

Next up isĀ Get to Mount Hagen.

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