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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Further Questions of Female Suffrage Walkthrough

Further Questions of Female Suffrage

Further Questions of Female Suffrage is the second mission available at the beginning of the third chapter of Red Dead Redemption 2. You will have a ride with Sadie, who over the course of time shows her extremely impulsive character. She is one of the most colorful and interesting characters in RDR2.

How to win a gold medal in the mission Further Questions of Female Suffrage?

  • Fight off the Lemoyne thugs in less than 1 minute – you have to bet on speed and precision. Enemies aren’t that many, but it’s necessary to aim in their heads to meet up the requirements to get the gold.
  • Kill enemies with 5 headshots – Use the time slowing ability to complete this objective.
  • Finish with accuracy at 85% level – Shoot only when you’re 100% sure that the bullet will hit your target.
  • Complete the mission without using health recovery items.

Head over to Pearson at the camp to start the mission. Head over to the general store in Rhodes. Once you’re separated from Sadie, head to the post office and talk to the clerk to send your letter. Go back to the wagon and hop on board.

While on the journey, you will be attacked by men on horses. Eliminate them with headshots. Once Sadie pulls over, get to cover and take out the raiders.

They are spread across the entire field so be vigilant and take help from your mini-map. When the raiders are all taken care of, drive back to the camp with Sadie to complete the mission.

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