Red Dead Redemption 2 – Get the File & Escape the Factory Walkthrough

Red Dead Redemption 2 Mission Walkthrough

Get the File & Escape the Factory

  • Interrogate Danbury regarding the file about the Leland Oil Development Company.
  • Take the file from Danbury’s desk.
  • Escape the office from the window.
  • Use the explosion as a distraction to escape.
  • Find Eagle Flies near the site of the explosion.
  • Ride your Horses and escape the area.

Choose To Threaten, Dismiss, or Beat Danbury

You will have the option to choose how to get the file from Danbury. You will be able to Threaten, Dismiss, or Beat him. Either way, he will give you the file so it is only a matter of preference.

Kill The Guards In Front Of You Before Making A Run For It

Before heading off to look for Eagle Flies, make sure that the guards in front of you are dead so that they won’t be shooting at you when you run.

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