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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Get to the Boat Walkthrough

Get to the Boat

  1. Reunite with the gang outside the building after you’ve freed the ship captain.
  2. Head towards the boat, eliminating Fussar’s men along the way.
  3. Keep going through the ruins, picking off your enemies until a cutscene triggers.
  4. Fussar will show up on top of a tower with a cannon.
  5. Keep running forward until you can get to the cannon to the left.
  6. Use the cannon & shoot at Fussar until you kill him.
  7. After the cutscene, the quest will end.

3. Use Cover While Going Through The Ruins

There are a lot of broken walls in the ruins which you can utilize as cover when making your way through.

6. You Need 3 Shots To Destroy The Tower

You only need to connect 3 cannon shots to fully destroy the tower Fussar is in.

6. Aim Right Above Fussar’s Cannon

It’s best to aim the cannon reticle right above the glowing light where you can spot Fussar’s cannon. You won’t miss and you’ll connect all your cannons shots.

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