Red Dead Redemption 2 – Get Your Belongings Back From The Urchin Walkthrough

Red Dead Redemption 2 Mission Walkthrough

Get Your Belongings Back From The Urchin

  • Chase the street urchin on the wagon.
  • Follow him as he gets on the Trolley.
  • Search the alley to your right once the street urchin gets off the Trolley.
  • Climb up the wall once he closes the gate on you.
  • Follow him onto the roof, and back down to the road.
  • Search the market for the street urchin.
  • Bust through the fence the street urchin climbs over.
  • Return to Dutch by the Saloon when the cutscene ends.

Ask Strangers To Help Find The Street Urchin

If you are having trouble looking for the Street Urchin in the alley and market, you can ask around the people in that area if they have seen them pass through.

Watch Out For Trolleys

As you chase the Street Urchin around Saint Denis, be careful on the road! Trolleys will instantly kill you if they run you over, so look both ways before you run around in the streets!

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