Red Dead Redemption 2 – Go to Murfree Country Walkthrough

Red Dead Redemption 2 Mission Walkthrough

Go to Murfree Country

  1. After the shootout with the Pinkertons, talk to Dutch to trigger the start of this quest.
  2. Once your conversation with Dutch is done, use your mini-map to find Charles and talk to him.
  3. Walk with Charles to the front of the camp & mount your horse to ride to Murfree Country.
  4. During the ride, Charles will ask you to decide how to get to Murfree Country:
    Choice A: Ride Horses
    Choice B: Use Canoes
  5. Choice B: Follow Charles until you get to the bridge with the canoe.
  6. Choice B: Get on the canoe and row upstream until you get to Murfree Country.

*In this walkthrough, Choice B was chosen in No. 4.

Choose Between Using Canoes Or Riding Horses

During your ride with Charles, he will ask you to decide how to get to Murfree Country – either via canoe or horses. Choose whichever you prefer.

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