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Red Dead Redemption 2 – How to develop Dead Eye?

Arthur is described by three main attributes. These are health, stamina and Dead Eye. Each of these statistics is on the first level at the beginning of the game. You can advance attributes to higher levels by gaining experience points – the best techniques for gaining xp are described below.

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Developing stats translates into associated energy indicators. Upgrading an attribute simply means that the energy bar for it will be extended. This will allow Arthur to survive longer after taking damage, run more often or use the time slowing mode for longer.

How to develop Dead Eye?

The best ways to get xp to develop the Dead Eye attribute:

  • Killing enemies in free aim mode.
  • Hitting enemies in the head from a distance of at least 50 meters. You can easily gain xp by relying on scoped rifles.
  • Skinning wild animal. The number of experience points obtained depends on the species of the animal.
  • Crafting items and cooking. You always get the same amount of xp regardless of the type of item prepared on the basis of crafting.
  • Taking care of everyday duties in the Dutch gang camp. The duties include, for example, carrying heavy objects (sacks, hay, etc.).
  • Finding secrets. These can be e.g. dinosaur bone or collector’s cards. The game rewards you the same amount of xp for each collectible found.
  • Completing all challenges associated with the attribute of Dead Eye. Experience points are awarded only once for each challenge.
  • Eating Valerian Root – It gives you an XP boost. You can get this drink by, i.e. attacking gang camps, completing random encounters or doing quests where you collect items and send them via mail.

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