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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Hunt The Bear Walkthrough

Hunt The Bear

  1. Craft Potent Predator Bait in your Camp.
  2. Tear down your camp.
  3. Follow Hosea down by the river to start tracking the bear.
  4. Unmount your horse and look for clues on the bear’s whereabouts.
  5. Follow the bear’s trail.
  6. Choice A: Split up and look for the bear.
    Choice B: Place bait and wait for the bear.*
  7. Choice B: Accompany Hosea to check on the bait.
  8. Choice B: Shoot the bear multiple times.
  9. Choice B: Check to see if Hosea is alright.
  10. Choice A: Stay and continue hunting the bear.
    Choice B: Go with Hosea back to camp.

*In this walkthrough, Choice B was chosen in No. 6

4. Use Eagle Eye To Easily Find Clues

You will be able to easily spot the clues left behind by the bear using the Eagle Eye Mode Arthur has.

6. Choose To Split Up Or Place Bait

You will be given a choice on how you want to approach hunting the bear. Choosing to place bait will keep you and Hosea together, when the bear finds you.

9. Use Dead Eye To Shoot The Bear

Dead Eye will slow down time, and allow you to shoot the bear multiple times before it can hit you!

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10. Choose To Continue Hunting Or Accompany Hosea Back To Camp

You will be given a choice to stay and continue hunting the bear, or accompany Hosea back to camp. Choosing to accompany Hosea will exit the Mission.

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