Red Dead Redemption 2 – Joshua Brown Bounty Hunting Mission Walkthrough

Red Dead Redemption 2 Mission Walkthrough

Joshua Brown

On this page you will find a walkthrough for bounty hunting mission that consists in finding Joshua Brown. You have to locate this person and bring him to the custody in Strawberry. Our solution tells you where Joshua Brown is hiding, how to grasp him alive and how to survive the confrontation with enemy bounty hunters.

You can collect the bounty hunter’s contract by visiting the prison in Strawberry and checking the poster hanging on one of the walls. The Sheriff will provide you with additional information about the wanted letter.

You must go to an old mine located north-west of Strawberry. When you arrive at the site, enter the mine and the cutscene from the meeting with Joshua will activate.

You must defeat Joshua in a revolver duel, but you cannot kill him. When you turn on your Dead Eye ability aim, for example, at one of Joshua’s legs. This will allow you to get him alive. Catch Joshua with a lasso, tie him up and place him on the horse of the hero. You can also steal from him.

On the way back, you’ll have to keep an eye on the enemy bounty hunters who want to take over the prize for delivering Joshua. Attack them as soon as they appear and help yourself with Dead Eye skill. You must kill 4 bounty hunters.

After returning to Strawberry, take Joshua off the horse, enter the building and go to the prison in the basement of the building. Return to the sheriff for a prize – it’s $40.

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