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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Old Habits Walkthrough

Old Habits

Old Habits is one of the main missions in Red Dead Redemption 2. A gang of mercenaries is causing problems on Pronghorn ranch. John decides to confront them.

How to get a gold medal in Old Habits?

  • Defeat the Laramie without taking a hit – Focus on blocking and counterattacking.
  • Defeat the Laramie within 25 seconds – Avoid attacks and focus on counterattacks – you should have plenty of time.

This mission will start immediately after Fatherhood, for Beginners. Some ruckus is happening, some men are harassing Abe.

John goes over, acts tough, and starts fighting Laramie.

This is a very short mission. Defeat Laramie in hand-to-hand combat (really, you’re just throwing punches). After knocking him to the ground, Abigail will show up and pull you off of him.

The men leave, and tell you to tell Mr. Geddes they stopped by. Abigail gets irate you fought, and tells you there were other options.

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