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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Outlaws from the West Walkthrough

Outlaws from the West Walkthrough

Outlaws from the West is the title of the first mission of Red Dead Redemption 2’s main plot. As part of this mission, members of the gang, which includes the main character Arthur Morgan, visit the Adlers’ Ranch in search of supplies.

Get to the House for Shelter

  • Follow Dutch through the snowy mountain.
  • Ride alongside Dutch.
  • Meet up with Micah.
  • Follow Micah and Dutch.
  • Head to the cliff overlooking the house.
  • Move down the trail to the house.

Talk to Micah and Dutch on the Way

Find out more about the story by talking to Micah and Dutch as you move across the snow. Ride near them then hold L2 to check the dialogue options.

Clear Out the Farmhouse

  • Hitch your horse.
  • Follow Dutch.
  • Take cover in the shed.
  • Shoot down the men from the house to protect Dutch.
  • Go inside the house with Dutch.
  • Loot supplies around the house.
  • Go outside.

Stay Behind Cover During the Gun Fight

Stay out of immediate line of fire by staying behind cover. The shed is a good vantage point to hide in as you can see almost all the enemies from there!

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Shoot when the Crosshair is Red

Make your shots count by shooting enemies when the crosshair turns red while aiming at them. This ensures that you’re aimed right and your bullets will connect.

Find More Loot on the Second Floor of the House

There’s a ladder that leads to the second floor of the house. Head up the ladder to get revolver ammo on the shelf.

Head to the Barn

  1. Head to the barn at the end of the property.
  2. Open the door.
  3. Beat the O’Driscoll in a fist fight.
  4. Question the O’Driscoll 2 times.
  5. Choice: Spare the man or choke him to death.
  6. Pick up your gun and your hat.
  7. Pet the horse to calm it down.
  8. Lead the horse out of the barn.
  9. Approach Dutch.
  10. Head back inside the house.

5. Choose to Kill or Spare the O’Driscoll

You will be given a choice to choke the O’Driscoll to death or spare his life. Choosing any of them has no difference so this is all down to preference.

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