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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Regenerating bars and cores

Regenerating bars and cores

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Bars and Cores can be regenerated. Some methods work for a few attributes while others work only on one of the three. Here is the list of the most important ways of regenerating bars and Cores:

  • Sleep. You can do that by using your bed in the gang hideout, setting a camp or visiting a hotel.
  • Bath. A room with a bath can be found at any hotel.
  • Food, alcohol and tonics. Every curative has different usage – you can check this by reading an item’s description. Also, depending on an item, you can regenerate your energy bar or a Core. Some items can affect more than one attribute. Pay close attention to items that can regenerate one attribute but have negative effect on another. Cigarettes, presented in the picture above, can restore a bit of the Dead Eye core, but they have negative effect on the Stamina Core. Decide yourself whether you want to use these items or not.
  • Successful kills. This method works only for the Dead Eye bar.

Try to always search enemies and locations – you can find food, alcohol and tonics. Thanks to this method you will always have enough items for those attributes that interest you the most. Basic food products can be bought at stores for a cheap price, but tonics and more advanced medicaments can cost even a few dollars per unit.

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