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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Rescue Javier Walkthrough

Rescue Javier

  1. After the cutscene with Javier, follow Dutch & sneak through the compound until you see two guards.
  2. Follow Dutch’s instructions and use stealth kills on them.
  3. Pick up their bodies and hide them in the bushes.
  4. Continue to follow Dutch until he leads you into a small warehouse.
  5. Take cover on the other side of the door and wait for the guards to turn around.
  6. Eliminate the guards and meet up with Dutch – he’ll instruct you on how to make a distraction.
  7. Locate the sugar sacks and slice them open.
  8. Look for & activate the mechanical gear to close the windows and doors.
  9. Head to the other side of the warehouse and release the valve.
  10. After Dutch instructs you, go outside and wait for him there.
  11. Follow Dutch until the warehouse explodes.
  12. Run towards Javier to rescue him.
  13. Cover Dutch and eliminate enemies as you make your way through the compound.
  14. Run and follow Dutch as soon as you reach the compound’s gates.

7. Sugar Sacks Are Right By Dutch

The sugar sacks that you need to slice are right next to where Dutch is slicing through other sugar sacks.

8. Mechanical Gear Is Next To Sack Storage

After hacking through sugar sacks, you need to close the doors and windows. The gear used to close them can be found to the left of the storage rack holding the sugar sacks.

13. Eliminate Enemies As Dutch Goes Through Compound

Dutch will be carrying Javier through the compound so it’s your job to eliminate enemies and cover him. Keep track of where enemies are and pick them off one by one so you won’t get outnumbered.

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  1. Hey, so I encountered a bug where if you follow Dutch to take cover I can’t get into position where you take cover and have to wait endless hours and minutes in order for the game to work. Please help I could not get through this and I’m getting very nauseous and scared about me not getting to play the rest of red dead 2 and enjoying hunting legendary animals that can upgrade your satchel, gear, hats, and the list keeps going. I would really appreciate you helping me out on this one. 🙂

  2. I’m stuck on the same damn thing. The guards are standing there talking but neither one is moving away. I’ve restarted the whole mission about 10 times thinking it would fix itself but it’s not. Is there anyone else out there that can offer me some advice on how to get through this part?


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