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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Rescue Uncle Walkthrough

Rescue Uncle Walkthrough

  1. Have a chat with Uncle in Beecher’s Hope to start with this mission.
  2. Once the cutscene ends, follow Charles to Tall Trees to go and rescue Uncle.
  3. When you get to Tall Trees, follow Charles to pitch your horses and hide them in the trees.
  4. Continue to follow Charles until you spot 2 Skinner Brothers men.
  5. Use your bow to kill one of the men and Charles will take care of the other.
  6. After you’ve eliminated the two men, follow Charles again until you come across a Skinner Brother patrol party.
  7. You can choose to kill the patrol or let them pass.
  8. After the patrol party, keep following Charles and you’ll see a wagon.
  9. Follow the wagon until the driver gets down & carries the dead man’s body.
  10. Eliminate the driver and follow Charles to survey over the Skinner Brothers camp.

5. Use Dead Eye With Your Bow To Get A Headshot

It’s best to use Dead Eye when using your bow to make this shot. It’ll quickly kill the man & won’t alert his companion.

7. Choose To Kill Patrol Or Let Them Pass

At this point, Charles will tell you about a Skinner Brother patrol party. You can choose to let them go or kill them. Whatever choice you make won’t affect the outcome of the story.

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10. Equip Knife & Do Stealth Kill On Skinner Brothers Member

You need to prevent this man to get back to the Skinner Brothers camp. Equip your knife, keep pressing your “run” button to dash towards him and do a stealth kill to take him out quickly.

Next up isĀ Escape From The Skinner Brothers Camp.

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