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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Rob the Train Walkthrough

Rob the Train Walkthrough

  • Run and jump on the train.
  • Save Lenny.
  • Move forward and take down the men on the train.
  • Beat the train engineer.
  • Kill the reinforcements.
  • Go to Dutch.
  • Take dynamite from bill and set it on the carriage door.
  • Go inside the the carriage.
  • Search around the carriage for bonds.
  • Go back outside.
  • Choice : Kill the guards or just threaten them.
  • Go to the front of the train to start it up.

Take Cover as You Move Forward

Enemies will pop out from the cars as you move through the train. Keep yourself moving between covers as you go forward.

Either Lenny or You Will Fight the Engineer

Whoever goes to the front of the train first will be caught in a fight with the engineer. Letting Lenny go first will risk failing the mission if you don’t save him quickly.

Use Large Rocks as Cover

In the fight against the reinforcements, use the large rocks on the ground as cover. From there, you can also easily spot enemies on the roof of the train!

Choose Whether to Kill the Men or Let Them Be

Choosing to keep them alive will have you letting them back on the train. There’s really no difference between letting them live or die.

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