Red Dead Redemption 2 – Sodom? Back to Gomorrah Walkthrough

Red Dead Redemption 2 Mission Walkthrough

Sodom? Back to Gomorrah

Sodom? Back to Gomorrah is one of the main missions available in the third chapter of Red Dead Redemption 2. In this mission, you are going to rob a bank.

How to get a gold medal in Sodom? Back to Gomorrah?

  • Loot all the safes – Be sure to open all the safes to collect the money (regardless of which method you chose).
  • Headshot 5 mounted Lawmen during the horseback escape – Use the Dead Eye to score easy headshots.
  • Get to Downes Ranch in less than 1 minute and 55 seconds – Gallop to the ranch, you should have enough time to complete this challenge.
  • Complete with at least 70% accuracy – Try to be accurate so that every bullet hits a target.
  • Complete the mission without using items that replenish health.

Talk to Bill in a wagon at the edge of the camp. Follow him to Valentine to rob the bank. You will need to tell how Karen distracts the guards.

Both options are identical, so choose either one. Once you’re inside, open the teller’s door and force him to open the vault.

You now have a major decision to make: you can either crack the safes or blow them up. The latter will involve a lot of fighting, so we highly recommend you don’t go through it. Cracking the safes is a lot safer and quieter.

Each safe has three numbers that need to be cracked. Slowly rotate your left stick counterclockwise, then clockwise, then counterclockwise again. The controller vibrations will intensify whenever you’re close to the correct number.

There are five safes in total. Here are the numbers, from left safe to right:

  • 34, 69, 22
  • 16, 40, 55
  • 37, 1, 69
  • 15, 7, 55
  • 68, 12, 38

Once you have everything you need, it’s time to escape. Throughout the escape, you will be chased by multiple waves of lawmen.

Here you should use Deadeye to get five clean headshots. Once the group splits up, ride to Downes Ranch to complete the mission.

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